Pickering Village Pharmacy

Since 1980, Pickering Village Pharmacy offers accredited full service compounding solutions to meet patients needs in Ajax, Ontario.

Pickering Village Pharmacy

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Our commitment to quality, friendly service, and having a professional and highly trained staff continues to make Pickering Village Pharmacy the most favorite, recognized, and well-respected compounding drugstore in Greater Toronto Area.

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At Pickering Village Pharmacy, we compound and dispense to your doctor’s specifications, with over 40 years of experience and the highest quality services provided.

Specialized Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding for both Human health and Veterinary needs

Specialty Compression Stocking

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Free Compliance packaging

Home Health Care

Natural Supplements

Free consultation and meds review

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Come in and discover all the pharmacy services we offer. This is our operation hours during the week.

We are proudly a part of Care & Cure group
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For nearly three decades, Pickering Village Pharmacy has provided patients with personalized home delivery of their medications. We offer a wide range of products available to meet your individualized needs through customizable formulations – including thousands of different combinations and dosages of medications, nutritional supplements and vitamins.

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